Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In Defense of the Slip

The slip (pictured finely on Elizabeth Taylor here) may not seem mannerly, but, it is a girl's best defense--and surprisingly, her best offense as well. In the summer I wear a lot of day dresses and I have found that many of my vintage day dresses are a bit sheer, or just feel like they need an extra layer underneath, but they also add a sexiness to your wardrobe and boost your confidence. At first I was a bit reluctant to buy a slip, erroneously believing it would make me more hot in the summer or bunch up underneath my clothing, but I have found they are quite heavenly when you choose the right fabric.

Walking around town I find that I am not the only person who has the sheer dress syndrome, however I do find that I am one of the few who wear something underneath so as not to show the world what is going on underneath my dress. I am no prude, nudity is perfectly fine with me, I do not shy away from mother's breastfeeding in public or the sight of a mini-skirt or some cleavage but when in a restaurant or at work, we do not see your panties and bra and belly button quite so clearly. If you are at home or on the beach, it's perfectly acceptable to wear something light and airy, but out in the world, slips are the thing. A wise woman once said "If you don't want anyone to know the circumference of your thighs, wear a dress." Well a slip goes even further in helping to mask any lumps and bumps because it helps the dress slip over your frame without clinging.

As for fabric, a nice airy cotton or a slinky silk are best, but there are some very nice blends that do not cling or bunch. I advise looking in vintage stores or online vintage sites for slips on the cheap in gorgeous colors. Some great sites I have found are www.vintagelingerie.biz (excellent pricing and quality), www.vintageslips.com (they are quite pricey but lovely for a splurge), and searching for slips in the vintage section of www.etsy.com. While I've advanced the practical side of slips, truly the best part about them is you are wearing built in lingerie, you are wearing an impromptu nightgown if you have an unplanned night out, they feel cool against your skin, and you can swan about your house pretending to be Elizabeth Taylor. So instead of thinking of a slip as something your grandmother would wear, think of it as something both sexy and demure, empowering you because you have a little flashy secret under that dress you are wearing.

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