Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What is Wrong with People?

Over here: they are discussing an incident that has riled TheDomina’s spirits fully. I won’t go into the details here—go check out the post—but the fact that a man on public transportation felt it acceptable to pleasure himself while trying to stroke a woman sitting next to him is so utterly disgusting, there are not enough words in the English language for me to express my distaste and horror.

The post’s author did not chastise the man and now is beating herself up for it, but as a very wise commenter stated, in the moment you know you are being violated, but not quite enough to warrant a public scene. Then once you get home, you are horrified at your own inaction. I encourage anyone and everyone, if this occurs to you, do not sit idly by, publicly shame the offender because if WE let someone get away with doing something like that, it only encourages more people to try it.

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Anonymous said...

That really was a horrifying story. There are so many disgusting/disturbed people out there!

And I agree, even though it may be hard, we should definitely stand up for ourselves and call these nasty people out. Because it might save another woman from dealing with the same nonsense.