Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Being the Bigger Person

You know, that phrase you use when you are trying to feel all self-righteous about NOT saying something to someone when they have offended you, wronged you, or angered you? Well, usually I advise people to let things go, but there is this one woman. Well, why lie here, there are two women, who I want to verbally bitch-slap every time I encounter either of them. One is a whiny, complainy, "woe-is-me why can't I find a man" elitist and the other is a "all the men must bow before me and no other women may outshine me in any way" jealous and irrational type who also thinks she knows everything. To boot both are so judgmental you would think they sat at the right hand of the Father. Anyway, tempering my verbal rage is difficult because they both have a way of insulting you, but trying to make it seem like it is not an insult. Being somewhat of a master of this technique, I see right through their attempts and fully know I am being insulted. And I want to retaliate so badly with torrent of thinly veiled insults that will spin their heads around and yet I don't. Because I try to be the bigger person. But believe me, I look for every excuse I can possibly find to potentially release my black tongue but every time I think I've found something, I remember that they are petty and small and jealous and insecure and I am not and should rise above it. But man does it suck.


lalaland13 said...

Speaking of petty and small people, I got a nasty note in the laundry room a few weeks ago. I had removed someone's laundry from the dryer because they were dry and I needed it. I try not to do this often or out of spite, but only if all the machines are full. If someone does it to my laundry, I don't love it, but I try not to take it personally.

Apparently someone did. Got a mean note left on the dryer, and the dryer was turned off. Said "Please don't touch my sh*t. Thanks." Written just like that. I scribbled back "Then move your sh*t," but later went back and removed the note. I figured if they were looking for a fight, I didn't want it to give it to them. Don't want to give them the satisfaction. But oh, I wanted to so badly.

The Domina said...

Kudos to you for doing the right thing. I always assume that if you leave the laundry room and your dryer cycle ends and you're nowhere to be found, then it is totally acceptable to remove the clothes from the dryer as long as you place them somewhere clean. Plus passive aggressive notes are the worst form of confrontation (though hilarious to read).