Friday, July 11, 2008

The Domina Needs Your Help

Gasp! I know! The Domina is having an etiquette dilemma today which requires her lovely readers' input. The topic?--the dreaded phrase "dressing for your age." (Cue the horror film music here).

Now, I have long heard the mantra that women over 30 (or is it 35? Even the advice changes) should not wear skirts above the knee. Now, in her heart, The Domina knows that just because one is over 30, it does not mean that an inch above the knee is taboo, just as she knows that she should not wear a mini-skirt that would come in handy whilst visiting your OB/GYN. However, this does not stop her from breaking out into a cold sweat every time she longs to wear a skirt, just ever so slightly, ABOVE HER KNEE!

Obviously, one should dress their age, in that a woman in her 30s and 40s should not be wearing the clothing styles of teenagers (for all of you moms out there dressing in your daughter's teen wardrobe, please, step away from the sparkly spaghetti strap tanks slowly). But this advice is entirely too general for The Domina. She needs your soothing words to help her through this wardrobean crisis. So dear readers, what exactly is the protocol for dressing your age without looking dowdy and ::GASP:: older than you are?

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