Thursday, July 10, 2008

(image from Britannica online)

Imagine this scenario: You are minding your own business, walking down a narrow hallway. Down the hall you see a person walking towards you, all of a sudden you see their nose squinch up, they take a deep breath, and out flys the loudest sneeze you've ever heard. You can imagine their sneeze forcing its way down the hall towards like a category 5 hurricane of cold and flu germs. That's bad enough, but what you don't see (which I've helpfully pictured above) is that you're actually being sprayed by tens of thousands of droplets from this person. The hurricane hits dead on.

Yes, this happened to me. Only, I was not down the hall. No, no, dear readers, I was walking down the hall passing a stranger when they turned and sneezed, I didn't know if I should run screaming from the building to the nearest shower or take the person to task right there. While it isn't technically the cold and flu season, I still don't want your sneeze droplets, thank you very much.

Oh, and just so you know, while it is considered polite to sneeze into a tissue or a handkerchief, you shouldn't sneeze into your hands because you will further spread the droplets when you touch something. If you must use a body part, please sneeze into your elbow, and the same goes for coughs.

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