Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bathroom Etiquette

Believe it or not, this is not regarding the age-old battle of the sexes argument of seat up/seat down, it is, courtesy in the office toilets. I work in a smallish office, one that does not have very many people in it, and we share a bathroom.

Inevitably, there are the women who will always try to have a conversation with you while you are hovering in the toilet stall.
Why do people not understand that when I see you in the bathroom at work and say, "Oh, hi, how are you?" I don't want to hear about your bursitis and your 15 cats, I want you to say "Fine, thanks." and leave. The lavatory is no place for a lengthy discussion, so please, don't elaborate, I've only said hello to be polite, it is my nature.

What is worse than the chatterers, though, are the ladies who don't use the courtesy flush. I have, any number of times, entered a stall to see an enormous wad of toilet paper balled up, floating there for everyone to see, or worse, the remnants of the last user floating around the bowl. Now, I expect this sort of thing in airport stalls, and other heavily trafficked lavatories; I do not expect this offensive vision in my office, where only 6 women use the stalls. And what is worse, I believe I know the identity of the offender of both the floater and the wadded paper ball. Now, being a stickler for good manners, I would never confront them, but it is obvious who needs a lesson in less is more, and the ever-helpful, courtesy flush. Ladies, to your stalls!

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