Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I have officially become my grandmother

Well, maybe not "my" grandmother, but at the very least someone's slightly cranky, outspoken, and rather militant grandmother who is otherwise a very sweet and nice, caftan-wearing, lovely.

Teenagers, and "tweens" (though I shudder to use this word), please, turn your cell phones off. Adults, you have no escaped the Domina's wrath either because you too, are guilty. I do not need to hear your conversation about your STIs, your sad-sack husband, your "very important" business deal, or your "like ohmygod" problems while I am innocently trying to buy groceries, lunch, or check out a book. SSSssshhh please at the library.

Indignation aside, when did the world's population decide it was perfectly acceptable to carry on entirely personal conversations in a loud voice in public? I realize it is an entirely different situation while you are at the airport, or in an emergency, however, your best friend/mom/business partner/boyfriend/girlfriend does not ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE the intimate details of your affair with a married man/details of your baby's excrement or your diet/the current deal on the table/sexual liaisons/problems with your parents while you are grocery shopping or at the theater. Truly, it can wait until you are safely ensconced in your car or home, please do not unleash these torrents of TMI to the world, we do not appreciate it.


Kolby said...

I hate people on cellphones AND blackberries. Scratch that - I hate everybody.

Kara said...

Amen. You are no more important than the rest of us just because you feel you NEED to spill every detail in the Starbucks line. Everyone is rolling their eyes at YOU, not the very slow Barista.