Saturday, August 9, 2008


These days weddings are often wildly expensive affairs where everyone from your dearest friend to your office acquaintances are invited. In this day and age, it has seemed that brides often take on the oft-used moniker "bridezilla" with their demands and wild spending and feelings of entitlement. TheDomina does not abide by any of the above behavior, but this post is not about poor wedding etiquette, per se, it is more about weddings themselves.

There are oft quoted "wedding rules" regarding gifts, attendance, dress, everything really. And in this mixed up world, somewhere along the line, the people getting married stopped thinking about how the day is about their union and turned it into a contest between their friends to see who is a "better friend." Here is a note for all brides and grooms--weddings are not mandatory events. Sometimes life intervenes with people, in fact when I got married there were many friends who didn't come to our nuptials for various reasons and we did not hold it against them. Often though it is seen as a mortal offense to miss someone's wedding. I am here to tell you, as long as you send a nice note with your response card, and if you are dear friends, call the person and explain, you have done all that is mannerly and in good etiquette to ensure that you have expressed your happy tidings and your regrets and not being able to attend. Friends getting married who encounter this should not turn around and try to guilt the party into attending or cleave them off of their tree of friends. Your wedding is important, but it should be most important to you and your spouse. As long as the two of you show up, along with an officiant and a few witnesses, that is truly all you need to legally cement your life-long commitment to each other.

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