Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friends...or are you?

Prepare yourselves for a bit of a maudlin post here....which is why the cartoon should cheer you up a notch. The thing about friends is that they're supposed to love you and understand that you love them even if they are disappointed in you, right? I mean, it's like family, but family that you chose to hang around. Well most recently I had an enormous falling out with friends over something that they thought was the be all, end all and I thought was very disappointing but not life-or-death, and in the end, I have decided to part ways with them. Sadly they're some of my oldest friends, but here's the thing....I sort of feel that if there were true friends, they would have understood my reasons for not doing the certain thing that they really, really wanted me to do, and because they couldn't guilt me into doing said thing, they decided to hate me. Which is really childish, and not friendly at all, actually. It deserves its own LOLCat of "Frendship, ur doin it rong." It just goes to show that even when you are...ahem...advanced in age, so to speak, there is still middle school and high school drama and girl-on-girl crime to deal with.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, I've gone through this with an on-again, off-again friend. She'd always try to guilt me into doing stuff, and it did nothing but make me want to do said thing even less. It's so frustrating! Good for you for deciding not to put up with it.