Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Volunteering and Donations

I volunteer my time to a few organizations in my area. It ends up that for quite a few months out of the year, I put in almost 100% of my free time to volunteering for these causes, and while I am happy to do it, one of these organizations has pushed me over the edge. What did they do, you ask? Well, they informed me that by taking on a new position within the organization, meaning that I would have to volunteer much more time and energy, that I would also have to pony up a monetary donation to their building fund. Just because I offered to take on more responsibilities.

Now, one would think that I would be able to just donate what my little heart desired, I mean after all, that's why they are called donations. But NO. There is a "suggested donation" amount, an amount which literally took the breath away from my already underpaid heart. There would be no way I could pay this amount and still eat or even drive a car to do my volunteer work. So, the question is, do I pony it up so I can keep my otherwise enjoyable volunteer work going (consequently having to eat like I have moved to a starving nation), tell them that I will donate X amount and if they don't like it, resign from the volunteer work, or resign altogether out of indignation that the higher ups in this organization would DARE treat someone who freely gives their time and energy to a cause in this SHAMEFUL manner? Any opinions?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'd say that's a little above and beyond your call of duty. It's odd that they'd pressure you to donate a large sum of money when you're already so generously donating your valuable time. I'd say let them know that you simply cannot afford to donate that much money, and if they aren't satisfied with what you can afford, maybe that's not the charity for you. In these troubling economic times, it seems like anyone would understand that, you know? Good luck!

The Domina said...

Thanks! I am talking with the guy in charge tonight and I'm basically going to say just that. If it's a hard and fast amount, perhaps they'll have to find someone else who can afford to pay for the privilege of volunteering...but I'll try to be nicer ;)