Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A lesson in words

There was a time when people chose their words carefully, they did so because words meant something. They help you express your thoughts, your dreams, your desires, your promises, and your apologies, they should not be misused. I'm sure everyone has had that experience of saying something without thinking about it, and having it backfire on them, I know I have. But, what really gets to me is when politicians (across the board, all parties) just say words that are meaningless. And what is worse, everyone knows they are meaningless but they don't demand more. When you hear a speech or a presidential debate all you hear are the current "buzz words" that the campaign is pushing, but what do those words mean? What they really mean to say is "you are dumb and lazy and we will use these exciting sounding words to our advantage and hope that no one calls us out on it because we just want you to hear a word you are interested in and then vote our way. We will do nothing in reality to match these words, but don't worry about that now, just vote for us." They are trying to pull the wool over our eyes by blinding us with meaningless drivel and it must stop!

It's all well and good to make up funny drinking games and whatnot based on how often Sarah Palin says "Maverick!" but in reality, what does it say about our society that people are taken in by words that mean nothing. They are just words, meant to attract attention, not to teach us anything, not to tell us anything about that particular person. And that leaves me very sad at the state we are in.

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