Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And back to manners!

When did it become acceptable NOT to hold the door open for the person following you? Or to shove your way into a doorway while someone else is trying to exit as you open a door? Both of these things happened to me today (while I was purchasing a delicious baked good, which somewhat soothed my ire). Two grown men shoved their way into a door I was exiting, effectively sticking all three of us with no where to go and then shoved me backwards so that they could get in. I was so flabbergasted I nearly boxed both of them on the ears.

Exactly previous to this I was leaving my building directly behind someone and they let the door slam in my face! Maybe I'm old school, but I always hold open the door when someone is behind me, even if they are more than a few steps behind me. Is it the apocalypse coming? I thought this was just a generally held etiquette, am I wrong?


lalaland13 said...

What I hate is when people enter through the exit and exit through the entrance. The doors are clearly marked, people! Maybe that isn't so much etiquette as a personal thing. And it always makes me think of a rude joke that I should probably not share here.

The Domina said...

Well, some famous person once said "Part of being a lady is knowing when not to be a lady"...but I think that was more meant for the bedroom, LOL.