Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting Etiquette

For those of you who were not lucky enough to vote early, tomorrow is a big day filled with standing in lines and dealing with cranky people who are late for, taking time from, or have just finished their grueling day at work. This is where my handy voting etiquette comes into play.

The normal "crowd" rules of no pushing and shoving always apply, but here are some more to keep in mind:
  • Be polite and smiley with your poll workers--they are donating their time to the election, do not take out your bad day on these nice people.
  • Have an idea BEFORE you get into the voting booth for whom you are voting--it will help keeps lines short and move things along speedily. Normally your precinct will have a blank ballot for you to check out at home so you know what it will look like.
  • Do not yell or heckle at anyone else at the polling place. Not even the people who will be standing outside the designated area with party signs. Just because they might not share your views does not mean you have the right to ridicule them, no matter what you think of their views.
  • Park your car or bike in designated areas. Just because you are busy doesn't mean you can double-park or park in a handicapped spot (unless, you know, you need it) just so you can get in and out quicker.
  • BE PATIENT AND CONSIDERATE--it is a long day for all of us, let's keep it civil, shall we?
If all else fails and you are besieged by people not following my handy tips just keep repeating my favorite mantra "I am the bigger person, I will not lower myself to their level."

Happy Voting Everyone!

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