Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heart-Warming Tales from the Voting Lines

At the moment I'm hooked on Comedy Central's election coverage to ease my tension over this election. But when I went to the polls today, I had a fairly long wait. I expected pushing, shoving, people yelling, people electioneering, and so on and so forth. BUT, lo and behold, what was my time in line like? A pleasure. Honestly. People were chatty, happy, despite the rain and the long wait time. People around me encouraged others walking by to vote, regardless of party, just to get in line and vote as a civic duty. We chatted amicably about the election, there were students (living in a college town has its perks I guess) handing out cider, parents teaching young kids about voting. It warmed my stony heart right up. Most people waited patiently, and though there were a few that were angling to jump the queue, I won't dwell on them, they will get what they deserve eventually. For right now I'm just happy that I was with a few hundred people who were happy to be standing there, waiting to vote.

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