Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am so happy that people are happy and celebratory and "new hope for change" feelings are abounding. But I am disappointed, not in the presidential election though. I am disappointed in the citizens of California, Florida, and Arizona who passed propositions to ban gay marriage or limit marriage to those unions between a man and a woman.

Normally I take the high road, understanding that the concept of my politics is different from other people's ideals BUT in this case, I can't stay silent. WHO ARE YOU to say that two people can't get married. It is absolutely NONE of your business. Marriage is elementally a governmental institution, not a religious one, so while I understand if you don't want to marry someone of the same sex you have NO right to take that away from someone else. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE is all that springs to mind, plus a few choice 4-letter words a polite domina should not say here. I don't care why your self-righteous person thinks that you are the final arbiter in what people should or should not do, but you are not perfect, you commit sins-yes, you do-and you are not one to decide the fate of happiness.

For those of you who say that gay marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage--there was a study done in France which found that actually CIVIL UNIONS led to MANY less marriages because once heterosexuals and homosexuals were allowed to have civil unions they chose that route instead of marriage. So think of that the next time you trot out the cliche "oh I think THEY can have civil unions, but not get married" line. What you did here was prejudiced and an enormous step backward and I am disappointed in ashamed of all of you who voted to pass those propositions.


Kara said...

Here, here.

Anonymous said...

Amen! This whole "ruins the sanctity of marriage" argument is nothing but a bunch of bull. Is your marriage so flaky and vulnerable that a marriage between people you don't know threatens it? How is it that two loving, committed people marrying is wrong, but people marrying on reality TV or marrying as often as they change their underwear acceptable? It makes absolutely no sense because it's simply based on ignorance and hate. How very un-Christian.