Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Wow, back from a week-long vacation, sadly not to a sunny locale where I lounged pool-side but lovely all the same. Except for the horrid manners of other people, naturally. I saw the following on our trip:
  • Numerous people stand there and watch a man in a wheelchair struggle with opening and getting through a door (seriously, how do you not simply open the door for him, it's a common courtesy even if the person isn't in a wheelchair).
  • While tailgating at a football game someone stole food out of our cooler (my question is, why not steal the whole cooler? Why just some things out of it, were our other foods not tasty enough?).
  • People throwing their trash, literally, all over the place, with no regard to the people who have to come around and clean it up.
But we also saw some very nice people, such as:
  • The nice gentleman at the farmer's market who gave us two free hydroponic tomatoes just for visiting his market.
  • The very funny gentleman at a used bookshop who made actual interesting and witty smalltalk instead of the usual drivel.
  • Two children with an adorable Boston Terrier/French bulldog mix puppy sitting outside a market waiting for their parents; these kids were absolute angels and polite to boot.
Now that I'm back I'll be posting more regularly, so check back and send in your holiday manners quandaries and horror stories (or commendations) if you have them!

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lalaland13 said...

Welcome back! I might have one for ya-what to do when you gather with your family, most of whom have very different politics from you, and someone starts going into a religious spiel? This happened to me, and I just kind of stared at the floor until it was over. It was Christmas, but we went from The Christmas Story to people should accept God or go to H.