Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dear Lady at the Gym

Please stop misting me in the face with antibacterial cleanser.

Once in a blue moon I drag myself out from under my pile of bread and butter crumbs and laziness to go to the gym. I even went twice this past week, shocking, I know. But while I was happily spinning away on the Arc Trainer watching The Food Network (is there anything worse than watching Ina Garten cook while you are trying to work out? Why do I torture myself?) I get hit with a quick one-two punch of sprays from the disinfectant bottle. I turn to see the woman on the machine next to me cleaning off her machine, very nice, by the way, but spraying it so far and wide that it actually misted my face. I glared at her, as I am wont to do in these situations, but she did not take the hint and continued to mist me.

Fast forward to a day later, when I am again, torturing myself at the gym, and AGAIN I feel the antibacterial mist of death and when I turn, IT IS THE SAME WOMAN. What is wrong with her that she cannot contain her spray??? I wanted to say something desperately, something nice even, just a polite, "excuse me, could you redirect your spray to the machine and not my face" but just couldn't muster the energy (all of it naturally going to the Arc Trainer).

It is too bad my gym does not have these face cloths, because this would eliminate my problem, and surely many others.

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